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Our principles define our culture and our investment philosophy

  • Focus

    Concentration produces better outcomes than activity. We spend our time on high-conviction investments, opportunities, and initiatives.

  • Innovation

    We embrace change, creative problem-solving, and new perspectives as businesses and technology rapidly evolve.

  • Partnership

    Alignment is the most powerful governor of motivations and outcomes. Teamwork amongst ourselves, with our portfolio companies, and with investors is a priority.

  • Thoughtfulness

    Our decision-making processes promote critical thinking over biased advocacy.

  • Completeness

    Our diversity of thought, experience, and backgrounds lends us a unique and comprehensive perspective.


We have a highly focused, proactive, and thematic approach to investing.

We are building a concentrated portfolio of high-conviction investments and creating value by leveraging technology and talent.


Giving back to our community is a priority.

At our core, we are committed to making the world a better place. Through the Integrum Charitable Foundation, we combine financial giving with community engagement to impactfully support causes we care about as individuals and as a firm.


We put our people first.

We deliberately cultivate a vibrant culture that fosters diversity, leverages curiosity, encourages debate, and appreciates humility.